Un-stuffing Freezers and Pantries

Do you have enough food in your pantry and or freezer to feed a small town for six months to a year?  Are you a pantry or freezer over stuffer or do you know someone who is?  If a disaster ever happens do you know the home to go to with the overflowing pantry so there is enough food for everyone?  This article may be just for you!  Yes, it is a good idea to have some extra food in your home for emergencies, but enough to open your own corner grocery store? You might want to reconsider your shopping habits.

There are many kitchen pantries and freezers that are overflowing with unused or unneeded food. You may be guilty of having just a few extra cans of tomato sauce stored in the basement or garage because you don’t enough room in your kitchen.  I think most of you know someone with a few too many cans of peaches, spaghetti sauce, or boxes of cereal.  You justify your extra purchases because after all, you might need it someday. You are prepared for an emergency. You have also prepared your neighbors, friends, and relatives without them having to do any of the work!


Let’s think about if you need to do a little readjustment in your shopping habits. How many of you while out grocery shopping found a great deal on canned vegetables or frozen bread dough and stock up? After all what a deal!  You go home and stuff your freezer or kitchen pantry with your frugal find.  You think, “Wow, did I find a bargain!” A year or two or three later, you go to the freezer or pantry to retrieve something and that 48 ounce size of pizza sauce is still sitting on the shelf. You think, “Boy I should really use that or I wonder where that came from, did I buy that?” Was it really bargain?

Finding food items on sale and stocking up on them is a great idea, however if you don’t use them or have space for them, why buy them?  So many people fall into this trap of trying to save money, stock up, and have every possible food item on hand.  It can work only if you use what you buy. Our lives change and so should our shopping habits.

Food spoils after spending some time on the shelves of the pantry and in the freezer. The freezer foods stay fresh for only so long. Next time you clean out your freezer and have to throw out your bargains-think about it in terms of dollars. For example, you paid $5 for that frozen bread dough and now you need to throw it away because it is freezer burnt.  You are not just throwing the frozen bread dough in the garbage; you are throwing away $5 and wasting food. As simple as it sounds, it might help you realize you are overbuying. When you find that can of tomato soup that has an expiration date of 02/05/89, do you really want to pop open the top and heat it up? Think about it. You might want to pass on the soup.

If you really found some great bargains and cannot pass them up-great stock up. Keep some for yourself that you will use, and pass the rest onto your local food pantry. You are helping out someone who could use some extra help. You may want to consider going through your food monthly and giving food to the food pantry on a regular basis.

Life goes through so many changes and cycles. It is important to adjust and change with life as we change.  Next time you are in the grocery store, think before you buy and change your shopping habits as your lifestyle changes.

See more at: http://www.ecarediary.com/Blog59/Un-stuffing-Freezers-and-Pantries.aspx#sthash.dZCPLqYU.XhFmfK1x.dpuf


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