Declutter the Basement in 15 Minutes a Day

We’re slowly conquering areas of our home through our 15 Minutes a Day series.  Today’s blog challenge is the basement!

The basement can be a difficult place to keep organized as many people use it for extra storage or have multiple purposes throughout the room (i.e. laundry, exercise equipment, a family area, etc).  I know our basement is not the most organizing friendly space in the house!

Day 1 – Determine the purpose of the basement

Each space in your house should have a dedicated purpose, such as using the kitchen for eating and cooking but not a place to store clothes!  Perhaps your basement will be used primarily for storage.  Perhaps you have multiple purposes (laundry, exercise areas, storage, extra tv room, etc).  Decide what you’ll be using your basement for and, if necessary, choose where each section will be.

Day 2 – Laundry area (smallest section)

I’m going to assume that like me, most of you have your washer and dryer in the basement.  This is a nice small section to get started.  Remove all items from the shelves/cabinets/current organizing system.  Wipe down.  Vacuum behind the washer and dryer (lint is a fire hazard!).  Reorganize and replace ONLY laundry items in this area.  Anything else needs to find a new home.  Be sure to check out my earlier laundry blog for more tips on this area.

Day 3-5 Sections of the basement (smallest to largest)

You are going to continue working through the basement each day starting with the smallest sections just like you did with the laundry and working towards the largest.  Remove all items from the day’s area.  Wipe down/vacuum/mop.  Determine if the items meet the purpose of the section – if not they either need to be moved to a new “home” in the basement or might be good candidates for donations.

Day 6 – Donation Day

Remember that wonderful pile of stuff you have accumulated that doesn’t have a home?  It’s time to release it from your life!  If you can’t find a place for it/haven’t used it in more than a year/it’s broken/it doesn’t bring you joy…it’s time to let it go!  Feel great about yourself for donating to your favorite charity, and don’t forget – it’s a great tax deduction!  Now you can enjoy your clutter free basement!