Declutter the Bathroom in 15 Minutes a Day

This is the second part of my Declutter in 15 Minutes a Day series.  This week we’ll be tackling the bathroom.  If we can let go of the stuff cluttering our space and get back to the original purpose of the rooms, we can take control of our things rather than let them control us!  Let’s get started!

Day 1: Medicine Cabinet

Remove all items from medicine cabinet, wipe down shelves.  Properly dispose of expired medication (yikes!!!).  Take stock of remaining items – do you use them regularly?  Do you have five bottles of the same medication half used?  Rearrange remaining items into like categories, one for each shelf (example – medications, oral needs, eye care, etc).  Replace in medicine cabinet.  Be sure all medication is safely stored away from little hands.


Before and After

Day 2 Under the sink

Remove all items from under the sink and wipe down.  Reassess the items – they should be toiletries or related to getting ready for the day.  Under the bathroom sink is not a great place to store food, for example.  Consider using storage bins to group like items together.  If you have overbuilt a stockpile of items, you may consider donating extras to a charity.  Regroup and replace items placing those used daily towards the front.


Before and After


Day 3: Linen Closet

Remove all towels/bedding/sheets from closet.  Wipe down shelves.  Reassess your needs.  Does your family need five extra sets of sheets when you only have two beds?  Do you need to keep your son’s Superman sheets that he has not slept on in fifteen years?  Release unused items to a charity such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Refold like items together.  A great way to store sheets of the same set together is to fold and then place all items into one of the pillowcases.  Enjoy your reorganized space!

Day 4


Remove all items and wipe down surfaces.  Recycle empty shampoo containers.  Reorganize showering supplies so that each member of the family has what she or he needs within easy reach.  Consider a shower organizer to store items within the shower.  Find a new home for items that have been cluttering the sink area.

Day 5