Wardrobe Decluttered

The leaves are changing and there’s a crisp feel to the air.  Autumn has officially begun!  With the change of seasons, temperature, and weather, it is the perfect time to declutter clothes as you move from a summer wardrobe to winter wear.

Let’s start with your existing summer wardrobe.  Remove it all from your closet and dresser drawers.  Sort into three piles: Love, Like, and Hate.  The clothes you love should fit well, be free of holes and stains, and you enjoy wearing.  Hate is for those clothes that are stained, holey, and do not fit (too big or too small).  Like is for the in-between items.

Take your Love Summer clothes and put them back in your closet (if you’re lucky enough to have space for both your summer and winter wardrobe) or in whatever type of storage you use (I personally love colored coded plastic totes).  Hate Summer clothes will be donated.  Now go through the Like Summer clothes and reevaulate each piece.  Ask yourself questions:

  • When is the last time I wore this piece?
  • How do I feel when I wear it?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do I already have similar items in my wardrobe?
  • Would I buy it again from the store?

Answering questions about each piece from your Like Summer clothes should give you a great idea of “wear” that item belongs – to be donated or taking up valuable space in your closet or storage containers.

If you’re really stuck on trying to decide whether or not to keep a specific item or two – wear them for the day!  How do you feel in the clothes?

Repeat these steps with your winter wardrobe and tada, you have a decluttered wardrobe!  What a great feeling to only have clothes that you love instead of ones that don’t make you feel great!  I’d much rather have 10 tops that make me look and feel fabulous than 100 that are “okay” or frumpy!


Happy Labor Day!

Does your closet look like this?

Does your closet look like this?

On Labor Day, I think that summer says goodbye and autumn sneaks into our lives…even if the calendar says we must wait a few more weeks to the official change of season.  This is the time that I start to consider my wardrobe as I know cooler temperatures are around the corner.

Before you switch out your summer clothes for winter wear, you first should think about clothing and your current lifestyle and assess your needs:

  • What do you need to wear for work?  Has anything changed?  For instance, my son-in-law now works for the Army and wears a uniform.  He doesn’t really need all the business casual clothes from his old job anymore.
  • Do any of your hobbies require specific clothing?  Sports?  Outdoor activities?  Hitting the gym?  Ballroom dancing?
  • Do you spend a lot of time going to fancy restaurants/weddings/performances?  Or are you more on the casual side of the social scene?  What types of clothes do you need for your social life?
  • What do you love to wear hanging around your home?
  • Shoes – what types do you need for the different activities in your life?  What’s comfortable?
  • How much of your clothes do you actually wear?

Considering these questions should give you an idea of what types of clothes you do need to have in your wardrobe.  Take stock of what you do have – what are you missing?  What is no longer necessary for your current lifestyle?

Clothes Part 2

As all these prom and graduation pictures are flooding my facebook homepage, I realized I never talked about what to do with those specialty clothes as you are cleaning out your closet.


My two younger daughters are reading for Homecoming back in 2003.

Being the mother of three beautiful girls, our house has had its share of prom, Homecoming, formal, etc dresses.  My daughters had a wonderful time at their high school dances and probably an even better time picking out the dresses!  Now they are all grown up – graduated from college and those dresses could be collecting dust in the attic – but they aren’t!

My girls have sorted through all the dresses and most have been donated to charities.  There are many that are grateful for donations so that underprivileged girls can have a beautiful prom gown.  The few that they decided to keep as a memento or as a possibility to wear to a very formal wedding are living in THEIR homes – not mine!  It is alright to keep one or two special outfits even if you do not wear them anymore as long as you have the space for them!

I had carted my wedding gown through many moves (four houses!) and when my grandson was born I decided it was enough!  While I cherished my gown I realized that my daughters were not about to wear a 1982 wedding gown to their own weddings and had it remade into a christening gown for my grandson.  My eldest daughter was touched and now we have a priceless family heirloom for all of the grandchildren to wear at their christening.

When looking at your formal wear/special wardrobe pieces, I encourage you to think about donations, getting creative with the material, and if you decide to keep it, make sure you have the space!