Downsizing and Decluttering your Clothes – in less than 15 minutes a Day

As per request on facebook, I am now going to tackle closets!  I wanted to further break down closets by just concentrating on clothes for today’s blog post.  Since we are now unofficially in summer, it seems the perfect time to sort through all the clothes for the season!

Day 1: Assess your clothing

Where do you store your clothes?  I do a combination of a dresser and closet – perhaps you do the same.  How do you store your clothing?  What makes sense for your needs?  For instance, underwear and socks are stored in my dresser drawer – they are not worth hanging in my closet! 🙂  Do you have your fancy suits that you wear once a year hanging in the closet right in front, or do you have them stored out of the way in the closet?  How have you sorted clothing – tops/bottoms/seasonal/casual/formal?  Think about what works best for you!

Day 2 – The Great Hanger Change

The best way to access if you are wearing your clothing is to wear it!  Take all the clothing in your closet and turn the hangers BACKWARDS.  That’s right – I said backwards!  Now when you take down that orange shirt to wear and it returns from the laundry, hang it up forwards.  Within a month you should have an excellent idea of what you are wearing what what you don’t!  Encourage yourself to wear something different from the closet every day until you have effectively gone through your entire seasonal wardrobe.

I hear the question you’re asking yourself – “But that shirt doesn’t fit me right anymore – I’m waiting to lose/gain weight…it’s shrunk…I need to get the stain out…”

Okay, if it’s too big or small – LET IT GO!  Release it to a charity where someone who will fit into it will enjoy it!  If you lose the weight, treat yourself to new clothing.  If the shirt is shrunk – let it go.  Get the stain out today and if it won’t come out, let it go!

Day 3 Intimates DraImagewer

After you have dressed from your backwards hanger for the day, take all of your intimates (underwear, bras, stockings, etc) out of their respective locations.  Wipe down the inside of the drawer.  Assess each piece – are there holes?  Do you still wear those striped stockings from that Halloween ten years ago?  Reorganize to taste.  I love using these containers pictured left to separate my intimates, but use what works for you!


Day 4 – Sock Drawer

Repeat steps above with your socks – match each pair, let go of those with holes and that you do not wear.  The laundry monster ate the other half of your favorite pair?  Let it go!  Of course, continue with your backwards hanger experiment!

Day 5 – Other Drawers

I don’t know how many drawers you have in your dresser – but take less than 15 minutes each day to dump them out and reassess the clothing.  Does it fit?  Do you like it?  Do you wear it?


Going through your closet of clothing will not take very many minutes a day, but it might take a month to wear everything.  If you have some clothing at the end that you are not sure fit right, ask a trusted friend to give his or her opinion (may work better than a spouse or significant other).  Also as your hangers return to the correct position in the closet reassess any organizing needs you may have.  Consider a belt hanger for belts or an organizing product for purses if you have many.

The best part of organizing your clothing?  You will see what gaps you may have in your wardrobe and with a newly decluttered closet, can splurge on a few new (and fun) pieces!