Goal oops…

About two weeks ago I had posted about finding an area in your home or life to work on organizing, calling it a goal instead of a resolution. Mine is to work on my file cabinet. As I had previously posted, while my files are in the correct folders and filed accordingly, I have not made a positive consistent habit of purging through the files. Consequently, when I go to purge through the cabinet, I am overwhelmed.

Ironically enough, I had said I would post the first small step I am going to take to work on my goal and THEN NEVER POSTED IT!!!! Sometimes life happens (like travel to Austin for the NASMM conference) and we don’t follow through with our intentions. That’s okay though, we jump back on that horse!

Anyway, my first mini step to organizing my file cabinet is to break up the task into small manageable tasks. Because I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of file folders, I am going to set myself a weekly task of purging through two files each week. Will my steps give me an instantly purged file cabinet? No, but that’s okay. I am going to make it into a positive habit slowly and surely. If I forget or don’t have time one week, that’s okay and the same goes for each and everyone of you.

Have you picked an area in your life or home to work on? I would love to hear from you on your first baby step towards creating your positive habit! I’ll let you know on Friday how I did!


Set an attainable goal

At this time of the year, many set New Year’s resolutions.  Often the resolutions are set so high, they become unattainable, i.e. vowing to eat no more sweets, go to the gym every day, or lose all the built-up weight from over the years.  I urge you instead to break up your resolution into attainable goals.  It seems that those resolutions with no leeway are the easiest to break.  For instance, if you pledged to have a completely organized house every day and miss a few days you broke your resolution!  Instead, I suggest picking one small area in your life or home to make a habit of organizing.  Let’s take that area and break up the goal into manageable steps to help creative a positive consistent habit.

My goal is to work on my file cabinet.  I have personal files and work files.  My issue is that I am not consistent in purging the unnecessary paperwork and then when I sit down to go through the cabinet after several months of not downsizing the papers, I am overwhelmed by the project.  More tomorrow on how I plan to break up this goal into attainable steps.  What is your organizing goal?  Pick something small and attainable and let’s make a positive new habit together!