Laundry – pre-sorting

Laundry – it just seems like it never ends.  One weeks’ loads are finished just to start again the next week.  Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by this chore simply because the area we work in is filled with clutter and not simplified.  Here’s a quick and easy solution to save you some time: regardless of where your washer and dryer are, in that area have either a sorting bin or better yet a dark and white colored laundry hamper/basket.  Teach your children and family members to sort their own clothes into darks and whites.  Then when you’re ready to do a load of laundry, you can see at a glance what load you need to accomplish first.  Simply dump it in the machine with no sorting!  What will take each family member an extra 30 seconds a day will save you time while you’re doing the laundry.  You could also have a third sorting area/basket for delicates or even hand-wash.  What’s your best tips on pre-sorting laundry?