Hiring a Professional

Working with a professional organizer or senior move manager can often make the process of downsizing and moving much more manageable. A trained professional can keep things on track and lend a supportive hand without the emotional entanglement that can occur when family members or friends help seniors relocate.

Professional organizers often belong to national industry organizations. Although certification for professional organizers is still being developed, you can obtain a high level of reliability by going through one of these organizations.

Senior move managers are similar to professional organizers, but they focus on working specifically with seniors. There are a growing number of senior move managers in the United States, and many belong to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).

If you are planning a move to a retirement community, check with the community’s relocation coordinator for a referral to a professional. Social workers or case managers at long-term care communities, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers can also make referrals.

Excerpt from Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move. Please visit http://www.organizationrules.com to purchase a copy today.


National Association of Senior Move Managers Conference

I attended the National Association of Senior Move Manager’ annual conference in Tampa about two weeks ago and really enjoyed myself!  I apologize about the recap delay – my second grandchild was born and I flew to Texas to help my daughter immediately after the conference.
One of the greatest parts of the conference is networking with fellow senior move managers (SMM) from around the world.  There were SMMS from around over the U.S. including Hawaii, Canada, and Scotland. I love meeting new friends at conferences.  We learn so much from each other!
I also presented “Clearing the Way: Extreme Clutter & Hoarding for Senior Move Managers.  I believe it was valuable information for many SMMs.

National Association of Senior Move Managers Conference
One of my favorite sessions was “Transforming the Culture of Aging Towards a New Old Age” by Dr. Bill Thomas.  Dr. Thomas, a geriatrician discussed attitudes toward aging.  Check out his blog.
The vendor section of the conference had many great resources for SMMs to help their clients.  One of them had an interesting idea of how to sell used good.
I was so blessed and grateful that I was able to attend the NASMM conference and connect with wonderful people.  NASMM will be in San Diego for 2014!  Who’s joining me?

NASMM Bound!

I’m starting to pack and plan the last minute details for my upcoming trip to Tampa!  I have been asked to present “Extreme Clutter and Hoarding Issues for the Senior Move Manager” at the National Association of Senior Move Managers Annual Conference!
My goals of the presentation will be to assist other Senior Move Managers be prepared for chronically disorganized clients and even compulsive hoarding.  I’ll be discussing compulsive hoarding and exploring the meaning of the problem.  We’ll talk about appropriate communication skills necessary for Senior Move Managers working with older clients who hoard.  I’ll also be sharing some of my first hand experience with hoarding situations.