Veteran’s Day

Looking up at the flag flying over the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii from a 2008 family trip.

Looking up at the flag flying over the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii from our 2008 family trip.

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day – a day our nation takes the time to honor those who have served and those who continue to do so.  My father, brothers, son-in-law, nephews, nieces, and many other relatives have served as members of the Army, Air Force, and National Guard.  I am also blessed working with many seniors that are veterans as well.

Please take the time this week to thank a veteran for his or her amazing sacrifice towards our country.


70 Things to Do When You Turn 70


I’m pleased to share that I am a contributing author to a new book: 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70! It will be available in bookstores September 12. It retails for $15.95. ALL royalties will be donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to preventing and curing cancer.

NASMM Bound!

I’m starting to pack and plan the last minute details for my upcoming trip to Tampa!  I have been asked to present “Extreme Clutter and Hoarding Issues for the Senior Move Manager” at the National Association of Senior Move Managers Annual Conference!
My goals of the presentation will be to assist other Senior Move Managers be prepared for chronically disorganized clients and even compulsive hoarding.  I’ll be discussing compulsive hoarding and exploring the meaning of the problem.  We’ll talk about appropriate communication skills necessary for Senior Move Managers working with older clients who hoard.  I’ll also be sharing some of my first hand experience with hoarding situations.

Holiday tip – shopping for seniors

Do you have seniors to shop for in your life?  It can be difficult to find a present for someone whose life is already full – or perhaps a bit too cluttered!  You don’t need to give an actual gift – perhaps instead you can take your favorite senior to a restaurant and tickets to a concert or go to a museum.  Perhaps you can just give them the gift of spending time together the way they would like.

Need an actual gift?  Here’s a few clutter-free gift ideas:  a gift card to the senior’s local grocery store or favorite restaurant, a custom-made calendar personalized with everyone’s birthdays and pictures (you can make these on several photo websites), or the ingredients for a favorite recipe ready to make!  Cindy Laverty from has a great article for some ideas of what to give your elderly relatives.