My S.M.A.R.T. Goal for 2013

How has 2013 been so far for you?  Last week I talked about making S.M.A.R.T. goals instead of resolutions and promised to share one of my goals for 2013.

Last year I set out to create a new positive habit of going through and purging my file cabinet on a regular basis.  It was a fantastic idea for me.  My office feels much more organized and I managed to create at least 2 new feet of space within my cabinets!

This year’s goal will go hand-in-hand with last year’s.  I want to move away from as much paper and have more digital files instead.  One, I think that using less paper is better for the environment.  Two, less space will be used.  Three, my computer will hold all of the information that I need and I can access it anywhere, as opposed to only being in my office.  Four, it will make my taxes much easier to have all my business receipts scanned into the computer.

Let’s make sure this is a SMART goal:

Specific – I will scan in all my business receipts to my desktop computer in a specified folder based on date and type.

Measurable – At the end of each week all receipts will be scanned and shredded.

Attainable – Because I will be approaching my goal on a weekly basis, it will not become overwhelming.

Relevant – This is helping with my paper management with my business, something I want to improve.

Time-Bound – Each week I will scan all the receipts.  I will reassess if this system is working and be willing to be flexible and try a new method.

Do you have any 2013 SMART goals?



Room additon?

Considering adding onto your home because you need more space for your things?  Consider this article from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.  I am featured in the article and urge you to think about the purpose of a new room – what is your goal for the room?  Do you already have the space available for activities?  I hope the articles helps you consider many factors before you make a decision to expand.